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New Initatives on Sentencing Information announced on 27th January 2013


A committee chaired by the Chief Justice of Ireland Susan Denham, has this weekend announced three new initiatives to advance its work of bringing sentencing information to the public, lawyers and the judiciary.


Firstly, the committee is pleased to announce that it will recommence populating its online database with information on sentencing in the criminal courts. ISIS has now received the necessary resource support to enable it to recommence its work in gathering and providing information on sentencing. Two interns are being appointed under the JobBridge National Internship Scheme.  The process for appointing the interns is underway and should be completed shortly. There already exists information in relation to over 1,000 cases on, (see fuller details on website content below).


The ISIS committee also plan to recommence providing information on sentencing in relation to specific issues, and to hold seminars on issues relevant to sentencing. In the near future Lord Justice Colman Treacy (a native of the Coombe in Dublin, and an Appeal Judge in the UK) will be speaking to a seminar on "Sentencing Guidelines - The Work of the Sentencing Council".


An analysis of recent rape sentencing prepared by the Judicial Researchers Office, under the guidance of the Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Charleton was published on 27th January 2013 and is available on the Publications sections of this website. The analysis is part of a sentencing project commenced in 2012, and is the result of a great deal of work over recent months.   


The Chief Justice said "I hope these initiatives, which were some time in the making - will create a more regular and up to date provision of information on sentencing. Our sentencing website gives a practical overview and a snapshot in time of how our courts treat various offences, who committed them and the circumstances in which they took place. It is also a hub for keeping up with the latest judgments and academic thoughts on various crimes and sentencing".